Training and Workshops

Our training and workshops are usually customized to your specific needs. Workshops are designed to provide a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, experience, and best practices.  
Carefully customized workshops
Theory, practical knowledge, experience and best-practices
6-12 people, 1-2 days

Custom Trainings

Explore examples of workshops we can prepare and customize to your context and needs.

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Leadership training for Engineering Managers

Crafted especially for techies! This 2-day course is a leadership training for upcoming middle management in engineering departments. In this course we will discuss theory and test some of the best practices on the following topics:

- Responsibilities and Challenges of management
- Vision, Mission, Strategy and Tactics
- Time management and self-organization
- Management styles
- Delegating and assigning tasks
- Situational leadership
- People management and related soft-skills
- Communication-
- Reporting and performance evaluation

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Scrum in Engineering Teams

This one-day training is an introduction to Scrum in the context of modern software engineering and DevOps. It is intended for Project Managers and engineering teams. The training covers the basic theory of Scrum, agile best practices, and practical implementation guidelines for engineering teams.

- Agile 101: history, values, practices, concepts
- Scrum 101: artifacts, roles, ceremonies
- Scrum 101: tools, interactions & practices
- Self-organizing teams and engineering management
- Scrum teams in the context of DevOps
- Best practices for implementing Scrum

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DevOps: Organization, Transformation and Leadership

Introducing DevOps culture may be a challenging task. This course covers the basics of cultural, process, and technical challenges that your leaders will face. In this one-day training, we cover the following areas:

- DevOps - culture, principles, values
- Continuous integration
- Continuous deployment and Delivery
- Team, Roles and Responsibilities
- Tools, Automation, "everything as a code"
- Scrum Teams applying DevOps
- Planning, Roadmaps and QA in DevOps

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