Scrum in Engineering Teams

This one-day training is an introduction to Scrum in the context of modern software engineering and DevOps. It is intended for Project Managers and engineering teams. The training covers the basic theory of Scrum, agile best practices, and practical implementation guidelines for engineering teams.
Scrum for Project Managers and Engineering Teams
50% introduction to modern Scrum, 50% model situations and best-practices
1 day training, 6 - 12 people, Czech or English language

Training Details


This training is available in both Czech and English language.


The training is intended for:

- Project Managers looking to learn more about agile management
- Junior Scrum Masters looking to deepen their knowledge of Scrum in modern Engineering teams
- Engineering teams and Engineering managers looking to improve their efficiency

Agile and Scrum basics and foundations are covered within the course however, it is beneficial if all participants are already familiar with them.

Goals and Targets

The ultimate goal of this training is to reinforce your existing knowledge about agile software development and to put it into the context of modern software engineering and DevOps. In this training, we will create a generalized blueprint and a set of best practices for your daily operations.

After completing this training you will be able to discuss and introduce reasonable improvements to your existing processes and daily workflows.

Note: In the training, we are building upon the Engineering Management role, defined as a technical leader and representative of the self-organizing team. Benefits and drawbacks are explained in Part 1: Theory.


The training is split into two half-day blocks: Theory and Best Practices. It can take place online, in the evening at your office, or as a one-day off-site get-together.

Part 1: Theory

In the theoretical part, we will revisit the history of agile and Scrum and dig deeper into theoretical definitions. Later in the training, we would use basic definitions to create a simple end-to-end workflow for daily team operations.

- Agile history, values, and principles
- Scrum history, values, and principles - empiricism
- Product management
- Scrum roles and responsibilities
- Scrum ceremonies
- Scrum artifacts
- Scrum practices
- Scrum and DevOps
- Role of Engineering Managers
- How it comes together? Example end-to-end process flow for day-to-day business
- Q&A Session

Part 2: Best Practices

In the practical part, the course participants are split into multiple teams. The teams are presented with several common challenges of Scrum implementation. The teams compete to find the smartest and most complete solution to the given challenges. Examples can be adjusted to your organization's context and normally include:

- Ineffective and lengthy sprint planning
- Sprint plans without proper team ownership
- Unpredictable team velocity and missed sprint goals
- Challenges in solution architecture and technical debt
- Challenging DevTool integration
- Challenging QA integration

Request for Quotation

Standard price is 59 900 CZK + expenses per group of 6-12 people.
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