Our mission is to optimize your software delivery. We believe in end-to-end consulting in the broad context of your organization. Agile, DevOps, and enterprise architecture are only a small subset of our services.
Reasonable org. structures and processes
Correct technology, solution architecture and toolchains
Efficient teams

Software Delivery

Explore various areas and specializations of our consulting services.

In addition to standard consulting we also provide Interim management >
Technology Startups

Have you just launched a new tech startup? It is a great idea to have your technology and engineering approaches checked.

We are here to advise you on building the whole engineering department - including culture, strategy, processes, budgets, team roles, DevOps, technology selection, architecture, ... and more!

DevOps & Agile transformation

Are you going through an agile transformation, introducing DevOps culture, or just looking to improve your agile ways of working?

We are here to help you understand the big picture and design specific next steps, tactics, strategies, and best practices. We will provide agile coaching. We will ensure your agile transformation is successful and DevOps culture is embraced.

Software Houses & Engineering Departments

Are you starting a new software division, building an R&D center, or restructuring your engineering departments?

We will support you in building (or optimizing) your new departments. You will need a clear org. structure, strong culture and motivated teams, well-defined processes, roles and responsibilities, and (agile) ways of working. We will help design budgets, targets, and strategies. All of this will be accompanied by selecting appropriate tools, pipelines, (cloud) infrastructure, and technology.

Vendor & Partner Management

Are you outsourcing software development, working with external software teams, or buying customized products?

We will support you in all aspects of vendor management making sure your partnerships thrive and your vendors deliver according to your expectations. From the initial negotiation to the final release.

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & TISAX for Software Companies

In cooperation with CNT - CENTIA QUALITY we are providing QMS consulting services especially crafted to the specific needs of software development companies, software houses and IT departments.

Start optimizing your software delivery.

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